"White-Light"  was rescued from slaughter June 6th. 

"Redbud"  was rescued from slaughter May 2nd,  25 years old.

My mission is to rescue mind, body and spirit. Please learn more about these beautiful, noble, deserving souls, see their images and read their stories below.  

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I made a movie of images documenting White-Light in his first year since rescue. I hope you will watch this uplifting transformation.

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“White-Light” Story of a Rescue Horse.

A story of hope, the virtue of patience and the knowledge pure love heals and brings peace to the soul.

“White-Light” was rescued from slaughter in June, 2017, he was scared, beat up, had been neglected and abused and he was desperate to make a connection. While in quarantine it was recommend he be euthanized due to his behavior. I did not agree and I knew I could help him, I did not know how but I knew I had to. This video documents his first year in my care, and his work with Natural horse trainer, Doug Cross. It has been an amazing year for White-Light as well as all who have been given the gift to witness this miraculous recovery of mind, body and spirit. We have only just begun, I can not wait to see what this year brings this beautiful soul.

"White-Light" Story of a Rescue Horse

We rescued "White-Light" from slaughter on June 6th, 2017.  We were told he was 15 yrs old and had been a school horse his whole life.  We saved him from a kill buyers auction house,  if he had not been saved that day, he would have boarded the kill truck and shipped to Mexico to be inhumanly tortured and slaughtered for the meat on his bones. 
Once saved from the kill buyer, White-Light was trailered to a quarantine facility in NY, where he was cared for, examined by a vet.  Quarantine last 30 days. 

Sadly, while he was a the quarantine facility his broken heart and soul began to reveal itself.  He was in such need for any connection, he would latch on emotionally to any horse he could. If anyone moved or touched the horse, he would go into panic mode trying to get over the stall door, or running over his handler becoming unmanageable.  The caregivers said he was acting as if he needed to help his friend.   He had many other fears: he was afraid of any water at all, filling of the water bucket in his stall, the hoses with water coming from it, the sound of a whip sent him directly to panic and fear.  

We will never know what this horse has seen and endured, but it is clear, the scars inside far outnumber the scars the outside.

He stayed in the quarantine facility the mandatory 30 days, and then an additional 30 days, as they were not sure what the best route was for him and did not feel it safe to ship him the distance to Massachusetts.  His future was uncertain, the outcome did not look good, the rescue organization associated with his rescue spoke of euthanasia.

I wholeheartedly disagreed with that assessment of the horse, in my opinion that decision could not be made till we could get him in the correct hands, and find the correct someone to work with him. We had to give him every chance.  His heart, mind, soul and body had been abused, he needed time and a chance to heal under the guidence of a kind, and gentle hand.

I began my search. My dear friend and longtime horsewoman Andrea Hoosik highly recommended a natural horseman named Doug Cross.  After visiting with Doug I felt he was the correct man to help White-Light and he agreed to take this challenge on.  It took two weeks to get him to Doug's Farm in Ipswich MA, as the horse needed to be first off the trailer so he would not hit the panic button.  He arrived here on August 8th, two months to the day after he left the kill pen. 

The horseman Doug Cross who is working with White-Light is a real life horse whisperer, I have been around horses my whole life and have never seen anything like this. I watch the sessions in amazement, take images and video to post each day on White-Light's Facebook page in the hope others will benefit.  The progress in one week seems impossible. I can see the layers of fear and distrust beginning to melt away. I see a glimmer of a great horse who once was, a horse who is trying so very hard to again be what he once was. 

 He is beginning to get his strength, confidence and dignity back.  He now needs the gift of time to heal mind, body and soul.  To see the changes in him each day brings me to tears, and makes me believe there is hope for all in a better tomorrow.

I invite you to follow along on White-Light's facebook page and see his progress.  I hope the movie and image diary on White-Light 's Facebook page will help other horses in need, and bring awareness that the unlucky horses in the slaughter pipeline are good valuable horses.                                                                                                   I pray his story will resonate with horse people, even at the highest levels, that there are kind and gentle options in training other than what we know.                                                                                                                               After following "White-Light's" sessions in Natural Horsemanship, there is no denying the horse understands.                            Please join me in the unfolding of his story and learn with me these methods of training that are dignified and kind. 


Please donate,  "share" and "follow" his page so he can continue to be his best self and others can learn from his story.



The kindest horse I have ever known.

"Redbud" -

The Story of Redbud, one of the kindest souls I have ever known.

"Redbud" was rescued from slaughter on May 2nd, 2017.

 I saw a video of this old worn, broken down Chestnut that was in so much pain he could barely walk. The video was shown on a kill buyers auction site and there was a big, heavy man riding him. With every step he took my heart hurt more for this poor soul.  The moment I saw him I knew I had to do something, I had to save him.  I had no idea what would come of it, I just knew he had to be saved. I did not know if he would be strong enough to even make it out of there once we came up with the funds but we had to try.  Right then I made a Facebook post and begged my friends to donate to help me save him... and so we did. 

I would get updates from the woman who was caring for him in the mandatory 30 day quarantine, he was eating and drinking well, laying down and enjoying being off his sore feet and resting. She would tell me how very kind and gentle he was, how much he enjoyed his feed and hay.  He was getting stronger and gaining well needed weight.  She shared stories of him becoming more alert and curious as the weeks went by.

He arrived on June 6th, very ragged and sore but a million miles from where he had been. And so his new life began.  I would visit with him for hours everyday at first just gently talking and touching, sometimes just sitting with him as he was so scared he would tremble when anyone was close enough to touch him.  He would not move a single inch but his body would tremble. I have no doubt he had seen many angry, abusive times, the many scars on his body were more than enough proof and the fact he would not move away makes me fear the horror he endured was even worse than anything I ever want to imagine.

Fast forward to now, Redbud is happy, trusting, loving and stunning looking. If I did not know it for myself I would not believe he was the same horse I first saw or who arrived. His body is round and his coat shiny, he looks strong and young. His eye no longer carries fear and loss of hope but rather a gleam and is soft and kind.  He is absolutely stunning looking. 

  Redbud is happy and his feet are getting better and better under the care of his talented and understanding farrier June O'Brien.

Redbud has taught me so much, to see him trust and love after all he has been through and the change in him body and soul is testament the power of love is most miraculous. 

We fundraise to pay for his feed, shavings, hay, supplements, farrier and vet care, etc. so he can live out the rest of his days in kindness and love.

I hope you will consider becoming one of his angels and donating any amount either one time or monthly to help with his needs. I promise you it will make your heart feel good and be the best money you have ever spent. 


100% of every donations is used for these horses. When you donate you can specify for Redbud or White-Light or both.